Therapy Thursday: Soundbeam


Certified Music Therapist’s (MTA’s) often utilize a variety of electronic musical instruments, apps, or assistive devices during music therapy sessions. A variety of technology can support our friends to participate actively or passively and relate to goals including motor movement, language, musical expression, or communication. 

Technology provides access for our friends with complex physical needs to engage in inclusive and interactive music making. 

This instrument is called a Soundbeam. It works with sensors that recognize movement and essentially compose that movement into audio/sound. Here one of our friends is composing music through moving her head and arms.

At Renfrew we incorporate a variety of assistive technology within our multidisciplinary team. During individual and group music therapy sessions, our music therapist Fleur Hughes (MTA) often incorporates switches, communication devices, IPAD apps (i.e launchpad, taomix2, sequence, live music box etc.) to meet, support and engage our friends at their preferred level of physical interaction and intermodal communication.

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