Our Team

Renfrew is proud to have a passionate and experienced team of individuals dedicated to Helping Kids Soar. These include managers, administrative support, facilities team, information technology team, certified teachers, child development facilitators, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, vision specialists, early learning specialists, music teachers, music therapists, family support workers, assistive technology specialist, deaf and hard of hearing specialist, service dog handler, clinical service coordinators, success coaches, therapy assistants and dieticians. Please continue reading to learn more about all the incredible specialists who support our students and their families.

Certified Teachers

Certified teachers are an important part of both our Early Childhood Services (ECS) and Elementary Education programs. Our highly skilled and creative teachers carefully plan hands-on lessons and activities to make learning engaging and fun.

Teachers at Renfrew lead the development and implementation of each child’s individual Program Plan (IPP) and work collaboratively with our Specialized Services team to create and implement Individual Service Program Plans for those children receiving FSCD specialized supports. Teachers also adapt and modify the Kindergarten Program Statement and Programs of Study to meet the individual needs of each child in the program.

Child Development Facilitators

Our well-trained child development facilitators support the implementation of IPPs and work with teachers, early learning specialists and therapists to support the classroom and help make learning fun. Renfrew’s low ratio of children to child development facilitators ensures we can meet the individual needs and goals of each child.

Early Learning Specialists

Our early learning specialists support classrooms in a variety of ways, from providing special school activities to leading classroom activities in small groups to supporting child development facilitators in best practices.

Service Dog and Handler

Renfrew’s certified service dog Renny primarily works out of the Janice McTighe Centre. Renny and his handler play an important role within the school environment, providing daily comfort to our children, supporting with transitions, encouraging opportunities for self-confidence and independence as well as helping children through challenging moments.

Speech-Language Pathologists

At Renfrew, our speech-language pathologists work directly in our schools, classrooms and community programs to provide play-based and developmentally appropriate consultation and intervention. When indicated, our speech-language pathologists also conduct screenings and assessment of articulation, expressive and receptive language, and literacy skills.

Occupational Therapists

Our team of paediatric occupational therapists works directly in our classrooms, schools, and community to provide play-based and developmentally appropriate consultation and intervention. When indicated, our occupational therapists also conduct fine motor, visual motor, visual perception, and sensory processing screens and assessments.


With vast experience and expertise, Renfrew’s physiotherapists work directly in our classrooms within schools to provide play-based and developmentally appropriate consultation and intervention. When indicated, our physiotherapists also conduct gross motor screens and assessments.

Therapy Assistant

Supports the therapist, under their direct supervision to facilitate the research, preparation and delivery of the intervention programs within school boards and Independent schools for children/students in Kindergarten through grade 12. 


Our psychologists have a broad range of clinical experience and expertise and take a diverse approach to meeting the unique cognitive, social, emotional, behavioural and learning needs of our children and families. Our team of psychologists provides direct intervention, diagnosis, counselling and consultation services within our classrooms and schools.

Behaviour Therapist

Collaborates with the psychologist to support and implement intervention strategies within classrooms, home and community programs. Behaviour therapists work under the direct supervision/mentorship of a psychologist.

Assistive Technology Specialists

Our assistive technology specialists adapt and design programs based on students’ individual needs using augmentative and alternative communication technologies. Our team has specialized knowledge and experience working with children and youth who are blind or visually impaired, d/deaf or hard of hearing, or who have other complex communication needs.

Learn more about our Assistive Technology team and how they can help your child and family by visiting our Assistive Technology page.

Certified Music Therapist

Our certified music therapist (MTA) works closely with our students to create individualized music therapy programming to support development and promote overall health and wellbeing. Music therapy can be a great asset to a child’s development and can help meet physical, cognitive, communicative, emotional and social goals. Our MTA regularly collaborates with other teachers and therapists, developing creative and motivating sessions to work on transdisciplinary goal areas.

Music Specialists

Our music specialists develop and implement group-based musical programming that engages children in a positive and fun musical experience. This includes facilitating active student participation in a variety of musical activities such as musical games, experimenting with instruments, movement-based action songs, dancing and singing, and sharing musical stories.

Family Support Workers

Our family support workers are dedicated to the wellbeing of the families and children we serve, offering a variety of family-centred services to build connections and supports in the home, neighbourhoods and community.

Vision Specialist

Our vision specialist works alongside Renfrew’s education team to consult on and support the implementation of strategies and accommodations for students with visual impairments or blindness to access the general curriculum and the expanded core curriculum. The vision specialist also conducts student assessments and evaluations of functional vision.

d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist

Renfrew’s d/deaf and hard of hearing specialist work alongside the education team to consult on and support the implementation of strategies and accommodations for students with hearing impairments or deafness to access the general curriculum and the expanded core curriculum. The d/deaf and hard of hearing specialist also conducts assessments and evaluations of students’ functional hearing.

Educational Audiologist

Our Educational Audiologist works directly with students, school teams, families and community clinics to support best possible access in the classroom for students who are d/deaf and hard of hearing. This includes recommendations and tips for use of equipment at school, classroom strategies and accommodations, functional listening evaluations, consultation related to IPPs.

Physical Education Instructor

Our physical education instructor provides developmentally appropriate physical education classes to students in Renfrew’s Elementary Education Program. Working closely with classroom teachers and physiotherapists, the physical education instructor plans and leads engaging gym activities on a weekly basis to promote gross motor development and overall fitness for students.

Clinical Service Coordinators

Clinical service coordinators support both the Specialized Services Program (SSP) and the Integrated Services for Motor Disabilities (ISMD) program. They provide integrated and coordinated service delivery for children and families receiving Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) funding. Our clinical service coordinators support the development of each child’s Individual Service Program Plan and monitor the child’s progress to ensure services are effective and meeting the needs of the child and family.

Wellness Coach (WEP)

The Wellness Coach works in designated community schools and will enhance mental health capacity through providing mental health promotion and prevention programming, with a goal to build capacity in staff, students and families to foster the development of resiliency and coping skills in children and youth.

Transportation Team

Our Transportation Manager and team oversee the operation of a fleet of 48 buses providing door-to-door service to over 90% of Renfrew’s students. Our bus drivers are professionally licensed and certified in “S” Endorsement, First Aid and CPR Training. We also provide ongoing training to ensure the highest possible level of skill and safety proficiency among drivers.

Learn more about Renfrew’s transportation services by visiting our Transportation page.