Our Board of Directors and senior leadership team are committed to the success of Renfrew Educational Services Society and the children and families we serve. Together, we work towards the common goal of Helping Kids Soar.

Board of Directors

Renfrew is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors with a legal obligation for the effective governance and accountability of the society. The primary functions of the Board are to develop policies that ensure Renfrew is run effectively, legally and ethically; set the vision and direction of the organization; serve as trustees of finances; and provide mentorship to senior management. Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting to represent the interests of all people served by Renfrew.

Board Chair

Thomas Buchanan


Kimberly Anderson


Vince Davoli


Linda Leahy


Michelle McKenna


Steve Saddleback


Bob Spence


Ross Wonnick

Senior Administration

Associate Executive Director

Kim LaCourse

Associate Executive Director

Nicki Wilson

Director of Finance

Alyssa Scott

Director of Education

Lynn Lenko

Director of Staff Resources Team and Community Services

Sheila Sung