Help Kids Soar

Exceptional programs and services require exceptional teachers, support staff and professionals. Renfrew is proud to have a passionate and experienced team of individuals dedicated to Helping Kids Soar.

Seeing children with disabilities making their contribution and watching the small miracles unfold day by day in our classrooms is an honour for those of us who work at Renfrew. It builds my conviction that if we, as a community, pay attention to what children really need to learn, and provide it, we’ll all be living in a better place.
Janice McTighe, Executive Director

Our Culture

Renfrew strives to provide an inclusive, motivating and rewarding work environment. A place where individuals come together to create a dynamic and enjoyable workplace that feels like home. Renfrew values new ideas and perspectives and seeks to continue to bring passionate individuals on board who can help us remain a leader in innovative education and supports for children with disabilities.

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