Therapy Thursday: October is AAC Awareness Month!


Let’s talk about what makes a good AAC system

The ultimate goal of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is to allow learners to have autonomy and say what they want, when they want, and how they want! In order to do that, they need access to a robust vocabulary with many different types of words. 

Here are some tips from @assistiveware about essential components of a balanced, robust AAC system: 

  • Communication functions – A good system allows the communicator to share messages for a variety of reasons like sharing opinions, asking questions, telling jokes, and more! 
  • Core words – Core words are a small set of words that make up the majority of what we say! Words such as “go, you, on, it, make, good” are examples. Core words are especially flexible and meaningful when combined with other words! 
  • Fringe and personal vocabulary – Make it personalized! Add specific vocabulary about your communicator’s favourite topics such as toys, foods, places, shows, hobbies, people, etc.!
  • Access to the alphabet – It’s never too early to start learning literacy! Learning to read and spell opens up the potential to communicate about any topic! 
  • Preprogrammed phrases and sentences – Building a message using AAC can sometimes take a long time, so it can be helpful to have some preprogrammed phrases to quickly access, such as “I need a break!” or “I love you!” 

Head over to the @assistiveware blog for more great articles and tips about supporting AAC! ⭐️


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